Dr Javadi is a very professional and my procedure was very easy with him. The healing process was very fast and easy with minimal pain.
the follow up was incredible and the attention to details is priceless.
I would recommend Dr.Javadi any time to anyone.

Denise S.

Dr. Javadi was great, he is very professional, knowledgeable and I was able to get an appointment supper fast and fairly painless.

Thanks for all your help Dr. Javadi, I would differently go back and refer people to his office.

Alex T.

I just had my second implant with Dr. Javadi again after 4 years. He did such a great job first time and even a better one second time around despite more severe and acute complexities. I had no pain and complications during and after my procedure. Dr. Javadi is well-mannered and very attentive to his patients. His after-surgery follow ups and his professionalism are impeccable and much appreciated. I will not have done his staff justice, if I do not mention their professionalism, their polite and friendly attitudes. Thank you Dr. Javadi and special thanks to his staff Ginger, Jade, Maria and April. You ladies are simply the best. My mother, who is also a patient, has nothing but praise for you all. Best Wishes.

Avesta X.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I used to go to Dr. Zahedi in San Rafael, who was absolutely HORRIBLE (if you don't believe me, read all the negative reviews). I'm so happy that I switched to Dr. Javadi because he is definitely a HUGE upgrade. So thankful and blessed to be going here instead. Lots of loving care. Dentist and staff are sincere, caring, and genuine. Complete opposite from what I'm used to. Everyone and their families should come here!

Sassy B.

I have been in the dentist chair my whole life.. First I had bad teeth, then bad gums, and now bad bone. I love Dr. Javadi. As someone who has donated their mouth to dental science I should know a great dentist when I work with one. He has gentle hands, is very sensitive to your pain, and gives a great novacaine shot! I don't like those Docs who are heavy handed. Dr. Javadi's work is excellent. Just TODAY, I had an implant inserted by him. I swear to you, believe it or not, it didn't hurt AT ALL. Go see Javadi. Not only do I have nice things to say about him, but all of his staff are great as well. I go to two of his offices in Marin, and I can honestly say that there is not a single person who isn't very nice, and a pleasure to work with.

Maryclare L.

Just had my second gum graft done and Dr Javadi has a new technique. The old method is painful and healing takes a long time. The new technique is amazing. Like night and day. If you have been putting off a gum graft, as many people who experienced the old method do, then I would say now is the time.

David N.

Very professional and high quality care in a nice environment. Dr. Javadi is very calm, patient, professional, and reassuring. I've had a couple of pretty invasive procedures done there (extractions, bone grafts) and the only part that hurts is the novocaine injection. Really nice office on 20th floor with great views, but prices are nonetheless reasonable/average.

Paul M.

Dr. Javadi and his office team will take really good care of you. This is an excellent reconstructive dentist. He is precise, professional, and kind-hearted. I was devestated after my injury and their support along wtih the proper step by step care made all the difference in the world to me... I'm getting my life back thanks to them!

Caroline D.

Great periodontist. I had a crown lengthening done on my very back tooth, which can be very uncomfortable to keep your mouth open. He checked in often throughout the very short procedure to make sure I was doing okay. He made, what I though a serious dental procedure, seem like it was just going for a cleaning and felt well taken care of. He is very friendly and informative with his vast knowledge that puts you at ease. Make a good choice for yourself and go see him!!

Ashley H.

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